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Allison Heinz

Theatre Director & 

Literary Advisor 

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Risk by Lucy Flannery
6th July 2023 @ 19:30 
Camden Peoples Theatre 

Eva and Jamie, a young married couple, are having a normal evening in. A conversation about their future is mixed with deciding what is for dinner  - pizza or Thai takeaway? Their conversation dives in to who will stay home with their hypothetical children and who will continue on with their career? Eva’s job provides much more financial stability for their future - how does that impact Jamie and his career goals? What will they do with their possible inheritance? It is a conversation filled with anxiety over what we cannot control, humor, feminism, statements that question gender and societal roles, honest communication, spreadsheets, and a lot of love.

This performance is part of my final thesis for my M.A. in Theatre Directing from the University of East London. 

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