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People You May Know

Book by Katie Duggan
Music & Lyrics by Jordan Knitzer and Alec Steinhorn
Directed by Allison Heinz
Music Directed by Ryan T. Nelson & Shraman Ghosh

Due to COVID-19, People You May Know was postponed shortly after in person casting had completed. It returned to virtual rehearsals and a virtual performance. 


People You May Know follows Jo, a college sophomore, and her brother Becket, a high school senior. Jo takes time off from school and returns home due to mental health reasons, while Becket heads off to a college admissions event with his best friend. We follow the siblings as they wade through the emotional turmoil that comes with sexual assault, as the survivor and the accused. As they struggle to find their truth, the siblings must grapple with their relationship to their home, their university, and ultimately each other.


People You May Know is the recipient of the Kennedy Center’s 2020 Musical Theatre Award.

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