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Last Night Party

Written by David Bolus
Directed by Allison Heinz

Costumes, Set and Lights by Allison Heinz


Last Night Party was an experiment and a workshopping opportunity for a playwright. A playwriting graduate student approached me and another undergraduate student with the latest draft of his one act script. He wanted to put it on its feet. We decided to each direct the show, with separate casts, rehearsals and performances. Our casts, and the directors agreed we wouldn't talk about our visions, approach, casting or rehearsal processes until after the performances. We had two weeks to cast, rehearse and put the show up. The performances happened one night after each other. 

The experiment was to see how the similar or different, the same show would be when directed by two very different directors. I saw the show as dark, twisted, and with the lead surviving through a tormented journey. My classmate, found the show full of humor, lightness, and a casual group of friends.

Even though the exact same words were spoken, they were entirely different shows.


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